Gig in Beverly Hills, CA. (Part II)

September 30, 2007

Upon arriving today, the place was about finished, sweep some stuff here, plug in a few cables there, nothing big.

I’m having a hard time explaining what exactly went down, the event coordinator was a nice guy, but as for organization, it was terrible. The actual ceremony started around 8PM, just like I thought. But we did not get out until around 10:30PM and I got home around 1AM. I have nothing else to say about this gig, other than the guy was a total jerk, so full of ego that he needs a 50k sq. ft. house to hold it all in. The house has enough space for each of them to have 25,000 sq. ft. to them selves if its needed.

A highlight of the night was the 70ish year old man that played the stand up bass, he was the funniest guy ever, we talked about steam power, skinny women, and some other random things.

I was sitting around waiting to strike when I came across a booklet with all the information about the wedding, it was full of information, even the part about Tyson being the best man. Now who can say that Tyson was your best man?


Cakewalk, easiest way to describe it. Pulled the van right up to the cases, rolled them into the back closed the doors and left.


My camera seems to have broken, so I was forced to take the pictures on my phone.

(Click to enlarge)
The Final Product of the Gazebo
So after a speculated 11-13 hours of work from the day labors, with no overtime, the project was finished.

Picture of the Steps of The House Looking at the Gazebo
It came together VERY well, last minute touches were added then everyone sat back and waited for the show to begin.

The Walk in Band
The band played some good music for the guests as they walked to their seats.

Last night was long, glad I got at least 6 hours of sleep.


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