The Walkers.

October 8, 2007

Matt and Christie Walker, congrats! Have fun on your honey moon! I have the pictures that I took in a rar archive, but its a LARGE file, so if you want the pics that I took, I can burn them to a CD.

I actually ironed my shirt and pants for this, I would say that I was over dressed. Big surprise huh? So I walked out the door of my house around 3:15PM the wedding invitation said something along the lines of “be there at 3:30PM”. I ended up getting there around 3:40PM. Showed up thinking that I would be walking up and sitting down in the middle of the ceremony. We got started around 4PM, so I was in the clear. They had a lot of candy, awesome! Dinner started with some salad, that was very good. Then the main course, salmon. Now I have never been a fan of salmon, but this was the best salmon I have ever eaten. The speeches and what not happened next then we danced till about 9ish that night. Then when we were about to leave, the sparklers came out, I was thinking the cheep ones, but these were the legit ones that my mom and dad had back in their day. The ones where you have to be careful to not burn your hand on them.

Over all the night was pretty sweet, and here comes my technical view. The layout of the whole thing was sweet, very appealing to the eye. The “sound guy” clearly didn’t know what he was doing, he knew how to use the things, but was far from knowing how they worked. He missed a few cues, some problems with the wireless; I think he forgot to change the battery.

I'm so awesome.

I’m amazing.


Kenny and Lux.

Jeff and Ashley

Senior Pastor Bruce.

They look so happy together. Have a great time in Hawaii, I would kill to go to Hawaii.


One comment

  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
    offically mr and mrs. walker
    how cute

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