October 17, 2007

My new flash light is epic win. It came with a warning that reads:

  1. Do not leave activated flashlight unattended
  2. Do not set the flashlight (lens) down. Doing so traps heat from the lame and may result in shortened lamp life and/or damage to surrounding materials.
  3. Do not place activated flashlight against any combustible material that could be damaged by heat.
  4. Do not hold bezel or lens of activated flashlight against any portion of the human body.
  5. Keep away from children.
  6. Remove batteries from flashlight before storing or transporting.

The initial opening of the light was momentous, it was everything I had been expecting, then I turned the light on, keep in mind I was on my front porch, after eagerly opening the box with anticipation, and the light was lighting things up that were in direct sunlight. It was, and still is epic.


One comment

  1. i hate that you can actually blind me from the tech room when im all the way down on the stage.
    i admit the flashlight is…indeed…epic.

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