A Simple Solution to Global Warming.

October 22, 2007

Now, this idea is so simple, I cannot fathom why no one thought of this before! I do not in any way see my self as a professional in the ‘field’ of global warming, but I make my decisions based on my life experiences. Now, I wanted to make this a long and elaborate blog about how global warming is effecting the world, and the problems that it will cause for our children, but instead I will go right to the point.

On May 17th, 2008. Home owners, Renters, Business Owners, Homeless, Children, Men, and Woman alike I ask you to help solve this epic problem that puts everyone at rick of dying early. On this momentus day in history I would like everyone to stop what they are doing and go to Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Lowes, or any hardware store and buy a 40ft. extension cord and a dolly. Un plug your refrigrators and freezers and haul them out side and use that extension cord to power them back on. Then open the doors and lids to every refrigerator and freezer on the planet and let the people of the world unite to cool the world off with their refrigerators and freezers. There is no way this will not work, we have the man power and the will to solve this problem. But will you take the time to do this easy task and save the world for our children? I know I will.



  1. yeah – i know – humor, but…. that’ll actually cause more damage.

    reminds me of the futurama episode though.

  2. your more of an idiot than i imagine.
    i fear for your offspring.

  3. simply brilliant solution. something else we could do would be to go up to a glacier and get some of the ice and then bring it to a hot place.

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