A major threat to my favorite 8 legged creature.

March 16, 2008

The Biggest threat to my favorite spider is not a newspaper, not a heel, not a shoe…but the TUB. The tub is to spiders as the Sarlacc monstor is to Han Solo. Have you ever been in some place where you can never escape, a closet or small room that your friends closed and blocked the dooe and you are sitting there waiting for them to open the door, but they stand out side as you struggle to get the door open and laugh and mock you? How do you think the daddy long leg feels. Here s/he is trying to get out of what seems to them to be a huge death pit, and when they get up the side a few inches, they just slide back in and have no way of escaping…Now normally I will grab a paper and get them out of the tub and put them near the wood pile in my back yard, but tonight I had to look at this poor guy thinking, “buddy, its raining outside. I’ll help you find your way tomorrow.” But for the rest of the night s/he is going to be stuck in there, disorientated and scared. I’m going to go cry for my new friend.


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