Today I realised something…

April 2, 2008

People think that because I don’t care about my hair, or how my general appearance is that I feel the same about work.  You are wrong.  I got countless phone calls and messages asking where I was around 11:45 am when I needed to be somewhere at 12:30.  Just because I look like I could care less does not mean that I do.  People need to take some chill pills and go with the flow.




  1. Mike…i love your hair…i love that you throw caution to the wind with regard to your style…I love your free spirit…

    doggonenit mike…i love you…you complete me…you had me at hello…

  2. mike.
    i’m sorry.
    i think you’re sweet.
    wanna date?

    i took my pills.

  3. are you telling ME to CHill?

  4. Matt – can I have some of your pills?

  5. I think only Matt needed to take the chill pills.

    I was acting as if I were Matt. He passed the torch, if you will.

  6. Yeah,people these days are always having these big spazz attacks and judgmental views on others.

    They have no humour or life.They’re like robots,going to work,making judgments,and going to sleep.

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