Taxday was awesome…

April 16, 2008

I worked from 9am 4/15 to 12am 4/16. Elton John was there, I got to mingle with the claire guys, I DIDNT HAVE ANY RED BULL (oh so sad about that). But the real reason for this post is because I look amazing right now.

Oh I also got to meet Michelle Kwan, she is cool.



  1. wow. u r awesome. and scary.

  2. Did you mean Michele Kwan?

    Were you with Goodman or Clair?

    What was the gig?

    I got to Cruise VEGAS on a LIMO BUS!

  3. You definitely have that thuggish-rockstar look in that pic, man.

  4. what???? no red bull? what a sad day 😦

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