Idaho…A whole lot of nothing and a whole lot of something.

July 8, 2008

I am in Idaho. Left at 12:30PM from the Goodman office. Stopped around 1AM woke up at 6:45 and continued on. We got here around noon. The problem is we didn’t know that Sun Valley was one hour ahead of Pacific time. So we thought that we were going to be there around 11AM which was an hour after we were going to be here. I am happy that we actually got here about 14 hours before we were suppose to be here. But apparently we had all the staging and truss in the truck. So we were asked to get here early. I have pictures of driving up the US-93, which I might add after you see these pictures, stay off of the road, why? Well because you will see everything that is on this highway in the few pictures I took. There was an amazing sunset. But thats about as good as it got.
Sorry for not having thumbnails like normal, I don’t have photoshop installed yet after my reformat.

Me and Rob going for distance and going for speed…we were all alone

Just another Sunset on the “Beautiful” US 93

Another pic of the sunset about 40 min after first one.

You will make a right turn up ahead…

Rob got a Bugle suck in his goatee

The classiest hotel in all of Nevada…

Looking over the Snake River, I think this is in Idaho.


boredom strikes on the open road.

What!?  Who is that driving…

Welcome home.

Here are more pics…

Also I purchased legally a copy of Photoshop CS3


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