Eventful day…

August 11, 2008

Got up at 8AM watched 3 episodes of House, then went to the apple store with Shane and Jesse to get Shane an iPhone and while I was there I looked at a macbook pro…yea I’m pretty sure I’m going to get one. Then had a preproductionish meeting at 3 then worked till 4…AM, then when we got back to the hotel the front desk got robbed or something. Man Texas blows. Oh well only 17 more days. By the way check out these pics of my awesome Gerber in action.



  1. what the heck are you doing there?

    i have found it to be true that a gerber or leatherman, some gaff tape and a handful of zip ties will allow you to do just about anything you would ever need to!


  2. I’m doing an install at a church out here Huston First Baptist church.

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