Last day.

September 8, 2008

So I am sitting here at the hotel lobby, waiting for someone to get back here to pick me up because they didnt think to call me to see if I wanted to go see the final product of all the hard work I have been doing in the past month+. A lot has happened sense the first day I showed up to the job with my shorts and running shoes on. At first glance the project looked simple, and really it was. A few things I would have done different but, to each their own. So the last 4 days I have gotten roughly 14 hours of sleep, I worked a 47 hour day, which is now a new personal record.

I met some really awesome people some that I worked with others that are “locals”. But some of the most strange and odd things have happened in FHouston, yes FHouston. The hotel we were staying at originaly got robbed at gun point, saw a cop pull over some black people who were standing near a bus stop. Went to see NASA, which was awesome because we got to see the live camera feed from the space station and the sun was rising in India. Does that mean that I was in India and Texas at the same time? Eh, probably not. I saw a cop pull over another car with black people in it and pull guns on them with me being stuck in the traffic it caused by the cops only two cars behind the car the guns were pointed at, yea sketchy. Found a nice little steak house called “The Salt Grass”, some good food thar… Listened to Apple Bottom Jeans in the main sanctuary at full blast. I got to hug another man hanging 40 feet of the ground, I also got to dance 40 feet off the ground as well. Billy baker came to work for a few days, as well as Curtis and Shane. I am the king of Triax, which I learned how to make before I learned how to make coax, strange… I cant feel the tips of my fingers because they are burnt from all the sodering.

I want to go home finally, my flight leaves at 3PM local time today and I should be home around 7PM tonight.

I also saw someone with a t-shirt that had Huntington Beach on it and I asked the people if they were from there and they replied that they lived in Vancouver, boring conversation.

I also lost my camera, so I gotta buy a new one.


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