I sent an email to Senator Obama.

September 27, 2008

Basically, I know that only a few people read this blog, but maybe some key words will get a google search and then someone will read this and see the crap that the government and the media has spewed all over our faces.

“Hello Mr. Obama,

My name is Michael Masterson, I am 20 years old, I live in a growing town in Southern California.  I have some questions about you and what you say you want to do as president.

You are always talking about “Change”, but it seems that you aren’t actually changing anything.  The things you say you are going to change only look like you are going to give them a face lift, that is not what this country needs.  Why do you think that the changes you are going to offer interests me or anyone else for that matter.

You say that you are going to give a tax cut to the lower/middle class, why?  I consider myself in the middle class.  I don’t understand why you are supporting an illegal enterprise.  The Federal Income Tax is illegal and you are supporting it?!  That just drives me insane.  How can you support the illegal entities that go against the rules and guidelines that founded this great country, The Constitution.

I don’t have a source for this, but I recall you saying something about a 50 Billion dollar economic stimulus.  I have one question.  Where the hell is that money coming from?  Are we going to borrow more from China?  The Chinese government has told its banks to stop lending money to the US banks because our economy is about to take a huge fall.  Some of will make it others will not.  What will you do then?  This change you promise cannot happen if you only alter our current state and you and I both know it.  So why lie to the people of this country when your ideas and plans wont actually solve anything, just give it a face lift so it looks more attractive?  If you want my vote you are going to have to stop and take a look at the people of this country.  We don’t want our hard earned money to be taken against our will and illegally by the IRS.

I will not be voting for you, I will not be voting for McCain.  I was not allowed to vote in the 2004 elections, due to my age, I had been looking forward to 2008 for many years, I mean who wouldn’t?  I finally get a say in the way my future will end up looking like.  Then I am given you or McCain to choose from if I actually want my vote to count?  I and many other Americans are sick and tired of voting for the candidate who sucks the least, and this election is the same as all the ones before it, and unfortunately for many elections to come.

And finally I would like to ask you why you don’t really ever answer questions or actually say anything, you just talk in circles.  The debates were on last night, I watched it for a little while, but after realizing that McCain is incapable of being in office and after looking at what you are saying, you just talk in circles and then say something about change and the audience goes wild.  There is no doubt in my mind that you are an amazing person, you are clearly very smart, you can deliver an amazing speech but beyond that, you have done nothing to prove to me or anyone else that you are ready for a position that some call “the most powerful person in the world”.

If you could spare an hour and fifty-one minutes of your time for me, an American citizen like yourself and watch a documentary on google videos, it is called America: freedom to fascism.  Watch it, listen to it, you could even go as far as to do some research on your own time and please save this country.

And here is the link I promised you:

This message was sent to him on September 27th, 2008 at 11:21AM.

I will post his reply, if I ever see it.


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  1. Mike i love this.

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