Grandma and Internet.

January 2, 2009

My father bought my Grandma a computer some years ago, at the time a phone jack for Internet was “standard” (yes we got the computer for that long ago).  But recently she decided to get off NetZero and switch to DSL provided by AT&T.   Because of this change she needs a network plug on the computer, I have a computer left over from something from long time ago.  I think the church was throwing it away and Curtis gave it to me.

Now this is where I get to the guts of this post.  We don’t have the money to spend on WinXP and my dad didnt want to me to download it from the intertubes.  So what was our next option?  My dad was thinking, maybe I should just fork out the money to buy XP.  Then I got an idea, I run over to my desk, when I say run I actually mean stroll, and grab a blank CD and go to google.  I search for ubuntu and the first link on there is the one I am looking for.  I begin to download it from a mirror but it is only going about 120kb/s, yea that’s slower than gay.  So I look around and find a bit torrent link, cancel the Firefox download open up uTorrent, import the torrent into the program and watch it max my connection.  Download takes about 20min I get Alcohol up and running waiting for the iso to finish downloading.  Burn a disk and then go install ubuntu on the old”new” computer.  So basically my grandma is going to be using linux before I am.  Haha.  But we are going to tell her that its just a different version of windows so she doesn’t freak out.



  1. You haven’t been using Linux? Hacker slacker.

  2. See, you found a way around illegal downloading. I am rubbing off on you.

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