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Well, the first of my predictions is coming true…

November 11, 2008


I found a quote, I like it a lot.

September 26, 2008

“I am a most unhappy man.  I have unwittingly ruined my country.  A great industrial nations is now controlled by its system of credit.  We are no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.”

-Woodrow Wilson, 1919

The fact that he realized his mistake, that’s the only reason I forgive him.  People need to stop believing that they cannot do anything because they feel that their vote “doesn’t count” or me changing my views will “matter”.  You are so wrong and you should be slapped in the face with a trout.  I speak so openly about my beliefs about the government because well…I can.  And in its present form, it should not be allowed to control the future of my life.  My grandparents wanted the best life for my parents, my parents want the best life for me, I will one day want the best life for my children.  But if this country keeps going down the well worn trail and jump to the road less traveled, we then can perhaps see that the road that has been traveled by many is not the best road to take.  We know no other road, sadly a vast majority of the country has accepted the blinders that the government and the media has given them, they don’t fit well, but they fit.  They are like the bulky red/blue 3D glasses you wear at the movies.  You are intrigued by the level of reality you see on the screen but in the back of your mind you are thinking, well this headgear I’m wearing isn’t that comfortable, but everyone else is doing it.  So you sit there watching what everyone else is watching, but there are a few of us that take these glasses off and see the horror that is really right in your face.

PEOPLE, take the glasses off, remove the blinders.  Get out of your damn comfort zone and start questioning the government.  Start questioning the Media.



Last day.

September 8, 2008

So I am sitting here at the hotel lobby, waiting for someone to get back here to pick me up because they didnt think to call me to see if I wanted to go see the final product of all the hard work I have been doing in the past month+. A lot has happened sense the first day I showed up to the job with my shorts and running shoes on. At first glance the project looked simple, and really it was. A few things I would have done different but, to each their own. So the last 4 days I have gotten roughly 14 hours of sleep, I worked a 47 hour day, which is now a new personal record.

I met some really awesome people some that I worked with others that are “locals”. But some of the most strange and odd things have happened in FHouston, yes FHouston. The hotel we were staying at originaly got robbed at gun point, saw a cop pull over some black people who were standing near a bus stop. Went to see NASA, which was awesome because we got to see the live camera feed from the space station and the sun was rising in India. Does that mean that I was in India and Texas at the same time? Eh, probably not. I saw a cop pull over another car with black people in it and pull guns on them with me being stuck in the traffic it caused by the cops only two cars behind the car the guns were pointed at, yea sketchy. Found a nice little steak house called “The Salt Grass”, some good food thar… Listened to Apple Bottom Jeans in the main sanctuary at full blast. I got to hug another man hanging 40 feet of the ground, I also got to dance 40 feet off the ground as well. Billy baker came to work for a few days, as well as Curtis and Shane. I am the king of Triax, which I learned how to make before I learned how to make coax, strange… I cant feel the tips of my fingers because they are burnt from all the sodering.

I want to go home finally, my flight leaves at 3PM local time today and I should be home around 7PM tonight.

I also saw someone with a t-shirt that had Huntington Beach on it and I asked the people if they were from there and they replied that they lived in Vancouver, boring conversation.

I also lost my camera, so I gotta buy a new one.


What the hell…

August 17, 2008

Comon’ America, we don’t need you to vote someone into office that will lower taxes, they need to get rid of them completely. Did you know that it is not against the law to not file your income taxes?


Yet another problem, solved.

May 1, 2008

If you don’t have the next 20-30 minutes to dedicate to reading this, move on to something more important and come back to this later, but the longer you wait, the more you hate America.

I am so sick and tired of this. In this post you will find some of the following; Ranting, Complaining, Anger, More Ranting, and to top it off I will be explaining the problem with our economy and why it will either make a major turn around or keep going down hill. If you dont care to read this, click here.

So I am going to make another prediction, this is also a major one. The economy is going to make a major drop, no not like you have been told by the media and the other amateur predictions by the “pros”, remember “The Titanic was built by professionals but the ark was built by amateurs.” Everyone knows the economy is going to kick the bucket, what caused this? Oh! Oh! Oh! I know, Pick me!!! Me! Me! Me!. It has a bit to do with everything, but mainly one thing. This fall could possibly lead to another “depression”. I don’t want my kids to grow up in that kind of world. We used to take this resource for granted, but now that it is getting more expensive its starting to hurt our bank accounts. Yes you guessed it, gas. It is getting over $4 a gallon in some places, and now we need to figure out how to fix this. Fix what, the gas prices? Yes we know Mike, but how do you do that what ever your crazy mixed up scheme is cant be done by simple old ME, can it? I can tell you how to do this now, but wait if you read the rest of this blog you will get knowledge for free thats less than a pennys a day!! (Yes, thats pennys, not pennies, pennys.) With the gas prices the way they are, and they look like that will easily top $5 a gallon by the end of summer, we are pretty much screwed. But here is my plan on how to fix this whole problem.

I know that I frivolously promote my main man, but it’s not because I want to impose my political views on all of you, but I do and will try to do. Paul knows the situation, he has a plan, and he can fix everything if given the chance! I’m so sick and tired of the media only giving coverage to Hilliary and Obama. Two of the three DB’s that are in the race. Paul can fix the economy, he is going to cut spending, make for small government, and bring everything back home. He will improve relations with foreign nations. Not too long ago I found an article of the Saudi Arabian president endorsing Paul, why? Well because everyone except the people of this country see that we are screwing ourselves. We have become so enriched with our own gluttony spending thousands of dollars on parties and alcohol. We need to take a step back and think about ourselves and look at ourselves from the eyes of someone from another country, ask yourself if you were a foreigner, “what would I think of America if I came here to visit?” Now seriously, think about it. Would you think, “hey these people are nice, the cities are clean, people don’t treat other people like the trash that they throw out the window while driving 115MPH down the 5 freeway, there is no trash talking and everyone respects each other.” No, that couldn’t be further from what the truth is. Take a second and think, what do people from another country think of us as a country? I know lets ask google, google always has great answers for our questions! Now I searched for one thing “I hate America”
Results 1 – 10 of about 6,260,000 for I hate america. (0.16 seconds)
Holy crap, thats 6 and a quarter pages returned!! Most of these pages returned from people from out of the country, thats quite a few pages.
Now I search for “I love America”
Personalized Results 1 – 10 of about 37,800,000 for I love america. (0.14 seconds)
Now mike, there were more pages returned for “I Love America”, thats right. And this proves my point That I made earlier. WE ARE TOO FULL OF OURSELVES TO NOTICE WHAT THE REST OF THE WORLD THINKS OF US!!!! They think we are trash!

Ok, now that I have discussed my opinion about the global “approval” of America from the views of other countries. Lets get back to what this is all about, gas. What the heck are we going to do to fix this major problem? Again, I have an answer for you. “Aww, Mike you cant have the answers to everything, why do you keep trying to make this crap up and shove it down my throat.” I will tell you why I shove it down your throat, because if I were to just say this to you like a teacher from your high school would, it would just forget it like you forgot 10th grade history. If you are thinking that, “Mike I am sick of your crap” you should have stopped a few hundred words ago, but now you are angry and want to have some reason to say, “Hey you are wrong!” Basically I have you hooked now. Now my idea to fix this whole situation is very far out there and it needs some time to fully fall into place(5-7 years, which may actually be too long), but it is VERY effective. Ban gasoline for use in cars. Now you think, thats impossible. AH, gotcha! There would be physically no law banning the use of gasoline, but a ban on things that use it, effectively making gas as valuable as a bottle of urine on the side of the street. Washington needs to stop bending over backwards for the oil companies and doing what they want just because they have money, screw that. The little mom and pop show down the street should have the same amount of say in what happens with laws at Arco/Exxon does. You really think that Washington is run by politicians? They are just puppets that you look at on the TV, Listen to on the Radio, or see them in person. It is just a bunch of crap they spew out because someone made an anonymous donation and we as people just take what they say at face value, STOP! I know you all are busy people, “Mike, I don’t have 30 seconds to think about what was just said to me.” I know that almost everyone that reads this is from my church, so I don’t imagine that you watch too much South Park, but last season there was an episode that was essentially a parody on the 9/11 conspiracy, at one point the character playing the part of the president says a line that went something like this:

Stan: But the people of the United States would never believe something like that!
GWB: Hehehe, people…More like ‘sheeple’. You see Stan, the people of the United States can just be lied to and manipulated they follow along like nothing other than sheep. Thats why we framed the Muslims for 9/11

Another line from the movie Shooter.
“This is a country where the secretary of defense can go on TV and tell the American public, ohh it’s about freedom, it’s not about oil. And nobody questions him because they don’t want to hear the answers because they know its a lie!”

So instead of being a sheep about it and taking what is said for face value. Look into something before you buy it as it is sold to you. If you just take it as it comes and believe every last word just cause you don’t want to look into it more then you most certainly fail. Now, what the crap is this about $5 a gallon? We need to get rid of gas, in a simple but hard system that will only take a few steps. We can lose our addiction to oil. Yes you heard me correctly, we can LOSE our addiction. It wont be easy, jobs will be lost, money will be lost, truces will be broken, maybe they will stop airing 24 on Monday nights. All of these things would be epic to not only our economy but to toe world. Here we go, buckle up and hold on tight.

Step one: Ban importation and production of gasoline powered vehicles for consumers. Were talking your Minivan, your Honda, your Ferrari, your Lexus, and your Prius. It is still legal to import gas/diesel powered vehicles for use in commercial settings, your MACK truck is ok, your work truck is ok, etc. Obviously there would be restrictions on this, but ultimately all fossil fuel vehicles would be illegal to use. Now you are thinking, yes thats retarded, that will never happen, you cant just call up the companies and say “STOP!”, you are 100% right. We give the companies 1 year warning. January 1st of 2010 it will be illegal to import or produce gasoline powered vehicles into America.

Step two: Restrict the importation of vehicles to hybrid cars only, no not the piece of crap Prius, that thing uses gas, therefore, illegal. Hybrid cars using electricity and Hydrogen. Electricity being easy to produce with solar panels, new technology in solar have only a fraction of the first generation solar cells and up to 3x’s more energy produced. Hydrogen being the most abundant element in the universe, what is there not to like about it?

Step Three: Systematic destruction and reconstruction of gas stations to be replaced with hydrogen pumping stations.

Step four: The dealerships have 2 years, one year warning period and one year after to sell the gas powered cars off, after the 730 1/2 days whatever cars you have left will be sold to private companies to recycle the metal for use in other applications.

Step five: This step doesn’t really need to be done by anyone, simply because it is the cornerstone in releasing our need for oil. Gasoline/Diesel powered vehicles are not completely illegal to drive, you can still own them, but to get gasoline you are pretty much on your own to get because, well there is no where to get it.

Mike, you have crazy ideas that will never work, but thanks for trying. If thats what you are thinking, you are wrong. Most of my ideas are radical, but thats because the MUST be. If we make a few changes here or there its just sweeping a mess that keeps getting bigger under another rug and spreading it out. You may have a mess thats only half as big, but now you have two, one in the garage and one in the spare room. You haven’t solved any problems, just moved it out of the way. We need change not shifting. We need someone in office that can fix everything, and Paul is the guy to do it.

Ultimately this whole plan would do a few things, one it would force companies to start making hydrogen powered vehicles to stay alive, gas companies would either adapt to the new rules or they would die, survival of the fittest now. But wait there is still more! Mike wont hydrogen just become the next gas and you will be paying $5 a bottle/can/some unit of measure, PSI? Yes, that would be a problem, but where there is a problem I, and many others I imagine (or hope so, otherwise I should just give up on humanity) have a solution.

The price of hydrogen is running down hill as companies like GE start making moves to create a easier and faster way of producing Hydrogen. “Mike we still have the problem, a company will make a ‘gas station’ and then continue to charge outrageous prices.” Sure that has the possibility of happening but it will be unlikely, why? Because producing Hydrogen is not something that can only be done in a plant in Louisiana, You don’t need a barrel of crude oil to make hydrogen. You need a small unit in your house that will produce it, “but Mike that unit will be expensive.” Wrong again! In a town somewhere in Idaho the local government requires you to buy a gun when you purchase a house, but if you cannot afford to buy a gun, the government will buy it for you. This same model will be used to distribute hydrogen production units, think about it, you have your heater/AC unit, your water heater, and your Hydrogen production plant. IN YOUR GARAGE!!! Any home that is built after 2010 will be required to have a water heater, heating/AC unit that runs off Hydrogen and then after 2012 every house that has already been built will be required to have one installed. Hey, guess what! You can fill your own tanks for your car too! Gas stations cannot compete with you, so they are forced to make their prices competitive to stay in business. Dirt cheep clean energy.

Solved, no more gasoline for vehicles, Ron Paul for the next 8 years. And to think that he will be the first president voted into office by “write ins”. The next decade is going to be awesome.



April 20, 2008

Bond is the best game, ever.  It is a city wide game of tag.  Usually played at night with 40+ people and you run from point A to point B.  Generally about 2-3 miles, and you get about 30-45 min to get there.  you are racing against the clock and against the chacers who are in cars and try to tag you.

normally its fun, but tonight was lame.  the people making decisions was a total idiot.  To say the lease, most boring game of BOND I ever played.


Almost forgot…

April 1, 2008

I can ride my bicycle with no handle bars.