I am reading Ron Pauls book…

May 21, 2008

he said something along the lines of this: “If we keep attacking the countries in the middle east, then there will still be problems in those countries. How do we fix this? We fix it by getting out of the wars.”

Man that just makes so much sense to me. We come over there put a stick in the hornets nest, then expect the hornets to give us hugs and not sting us.

So from the period of 1980-2004 there has been a total of 462 terrorist acts of suicide bombing. in 1982-1986 there were 41 terrorist attacks in Lebanon. Hmm, wait…dont say it! yes, we did have an active war going on in Lebanon during those 4 years, USA, France, and Isral. The molment we withdrew the act of suicide bomb terrorism went from 41 to 0. WOW THATS FREAKING AMAZING!!! You are telling me that if we leave a country they will stop attacking our troops? PEOPLE!!! were invading peoples homes and trying to force our Ideals on them! I personally would be pissed if Iraq came to America and tried to change my government, I would shoot at their troops when they drove by, I would try to get them to leave my country, but after they left I would have no need to attack them anymore so I would let them do whatever it is that they wanted, as long as its not try to force their ideals on me.

Again, if you don’t shove a stick into the beehive then they will leave you alone. But if you are going to invade the bees nest then they are going to attack you until you leave! IS IT THAT FREAKING HARD TO UNDERSTAND?!?!?


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